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The Holy Dot or Bindi, also known as kumkum, tilak, sindhoor and by other names in India, is an auspicious makeup traditionally worn by Hindu women and girls on their forehead(between the eyes-the third eye area) to decorate their faces. According to old saying, bindi acts as the third eye protecting them from bad evils. They are a part of India's heritage and culture. A Bindi, especially in the form of a little red dot, worn by a married women, symbolize her marriage and is associated with feminity. Red was chosen because that color was suppose to bring good fortune into the home of the bride. The red mark made the bride the preserver of the family's honor and welfare. However, today the religious significance of the bindi is largely forgotten and it is worn as a fashion accessory, one of the forms being non-piercing self adhesive body tattoos. No longer restricted in color or shape, bindis today are seen in many colors and designs and are manufactured with self-adhesives, studded with kundan and stones, beads etc. Not only married women have taken up this beautiful accessory, girls of all ages enjoy wearing a variety of styles and colors of Bindi. Today, these little gems are often matched with the color clothing a person is wearing. It is a must with sari, sarees, salwar kameez or other Indian dresses It is also used as an accessory to any belly dance , ethnic dance costume or for body art. Bindis are fast becoming the accessory of choice for their sensual charm and sparkle.

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